Infertility Department :
This is an exclusive speciality of Patki Hospital. There are following sub sections :
  •  Special counseling centre for interaction and detailed explanation of various modalities of treatment, drugs,cost,advantages and disadvantages of the high-tech treatments.
  •  Largest in India
  •  Special class 10000 lab with class 100 facility for procedure like I.U.I/I.V.F./I.C.S.I
  •  5000 sqft modular Lab
  •  Walls made of stainless steel
  •  Centrally Air conditioned & sterile atmosphere to maintain class 10000.
  •  24 hrs monitering of atmospheric particle count, humidity & Volatile contamination.
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  Modular Lab with air handling unit, to maintain sterile atmosphere
  Laminar air flow to provide sterile atmosphere for handling eggs, sperms & embryos.
  Phase Contrast microscope to study sperms & Embroys. The images of this microscope are displayed directly in the rooms of the patient.

Special temperature controlled centrifuge machine for sperm processing.

  Sperm preperation procedure.
  Well Equipped operation theatre for various procedures.
  Specially designed culture lab with stainless steel partitions.

Sterio microscope to study eggs & Embroys.

Carbon-di-oxide in incubator for culture of Embroys.

We have Such 6 incubators.

  Micro manipulation, microscope & micromanipulator, All the procedures done are displayed on the screen at patients rooms arlso.
  • Various modalities of treatments for infertility are :
    • a. I.U.I. - Intra Uterine Insemination useful for patients with open fallopian tubes. This will be useful for patients with unexplained infertility/endometriosis/mild male/unovulation. Insemenation with Donor Samples is done for Couples with irrepairable Azzospermia in Husband.
      Here, the worked sperm are injected in Uterus at ovulation on outpatient basis.

    • b. I.V.F / ET :- ( INVITRO FERTILIZATION ie:- Test Tube Baby)
      In this Technique, the eggs are retried from wife & are fertilized with washed sperm of husband. The resultant Embryo are transferred back to Uterus.

    • c. I.C.S.I ( Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection):-
      Here, a single sperm is injected in a single oocyte to get embryo. This is useful for cores of extreme low count of sperm or even azzospermia due to Obstructive cause. In such case sperms are retrived from epididymis (PESA) or Testes ( TESE).