In which Patients oocytes donation is advice ?
Couple who have poor sperm as well as poor eggs.
Couple with persistent poor quality embryos.
Couples with previously failed IVF cycles.
Couples with history of genetic disease in previous offspring’s.
This is an extremely cost effective, successful and popular treatment.

Steps Of Embryo Donation IVF –

  1. Initial Workup
    If not done previously , the couple are advised to undergo certain blood tests to make sure that they can go ahead with the treatment.
  2. Hormonal Therapy
    The patient is given hormonal tablets with the aim to develop the uterine endometrial lining. Also as per patient profile some injection might be administered for down regulation .
  3. Serial Trans Vaginal Scan
    Sonographic monitoring is done to see the growth of endometrium . Once the endometrium attains 8-10mm size,it is ready for embryo transfer.
  4. Blastocyst Transfer
    Instead of day2 or day 3 we aim at the transfer of day5 embryo formation known as Blastocyst. This yields in better success rates.

Important Note To Patients

In the first visit itself, you shall be given a time table of all the procedural dates so that you can plan your schedule in advance.
On an average wife is required to visit the hospital 6-7 times while the husband is required to visit 1-2 times during the IVF treatment.
If couple is staying far away from Kolhapur then the average number of days required to stay in Kolhapur are 12 – 15 days . Husband need to come once / twice.
You need not to stay in Kolhapur if you have any kin around Kolhapur like Belgaum,Satara, Karad, Ichalkaranji you may stay there and and visit hospital when needed.
If husband is not available on the desired date kindly inform before and his sperm shall be frozen in the laboratory.
We adhere to the highest standards of ICMR guidelines during selection of egg donors. They are repeatedly screened for HIV/ Hepatitis B/C and other genetic tests.
Donors are selected in such a way that they match the patients heights, physical characteristics, skin color etc.
Please note that the Indian law does not permit revealing identity or showing photographs of donor.


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