Which patients can undergo IUI ?

Age -< 35
Adequate AMH
At least 1 open fallopian tube
Normal uterus & Ovaries
Good sperm count for husband.
In case of low sperm count couple have option of IUI with donor sperm.

Steps of Procedure –

The female partner is required to visit the hospital within first 5 days of her periods.
Tablets and injections are prescribed to her for proper follicular development .
Vaginal sonography is done to confirm the follicular growth on day 12.
Once follicles are formed as per requirement injection is given to assist ovulation.
36 hours after this injection , best sperm of husband (or donor in desired case ) are injected in to patients uterus.

Sperm Washing –

It is a procedure which facilitates separation of good quality, Motile sperm from inferior sperm.
IUI is not a painful procedure most patients withstand it well.
However if required anaesthesia can be administered.
For the procedure overall :
The wife is required to visit 3-4 times and husband is require to visit once during IUI treatment. Accommodation facilities are available for outstation patients.


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