Who needs to undergo IVF ?

  1. Patient with both the fallopian tubes blocked.
  2. Borderline or very low male sperm count.
  3. Unexpected Infertility
  4. Couples who have tried naturally for many months without success or have many failed IUI cydes before.
  5. Couples who want to expedite pregnancy either due to age or other personal reason.

Steps of IVF procedure –

  1. Initial Workup
    If not done previously , The couple is advised to undergo certain blood tests to make sure that they can go ahead with the treatment.
  2. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation –
    As per patients profile , either agonist or antagonist method is used with goal of getting maximum oocytes. The details ofthese method shall be explained at the outset of treatment. Either way injections are administered to the patient, which aid in follicular development.
  3. Serial Transvaginal Monitoring –
    Serial ultrasounds are performed to see for follicular number and growth. Accordingly the dose of injection is increased or reduced. Once the follicles have reached 18-20mm & endometrial lining is 8-10mm injection is given to facilitate ovulation.
  4. Oocyte retrieval also known as ‘Pick Up’ –
    Under anaesthesia these oocytes are retrieved from ovaries under sonography guidance. This procedure is done vaginally hence no stiches are required. Patient can go home on the same day by evening. On the same day husband’s sperm sample will be collected.
  5. Fertilization –
    Under extremely specific surroundings in the IVF lab, fertilization of oocytes and sperm is added to facilitate embryo formation.
  6. Blastocyst Transfer
    Instead of day2 or day 3 we aim at the transfer of day5 embryo known as Blastocyst. This yields in better success rates.

Important Notes to Patients for IVF –

  1. In the first visit itself, you shall be given a time table of all the procedural dates so that you can plan your schedule in advance.
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  3. On an average wife is required to visit the hospital 6-7 times while the husband is required to visit 1-2 times during the IVF treatment.
  4. If couple is staying far away from Kolhapur then the average number of days required to stay in Kolhapur are 12 – 15 days . Husband needs to come once / twice.
  5. You need not to stay in Kolhapur itself,
    if you have any kin around Kolhapur like Belgaum ,Satara, Karad, Ichalkaranji you may stay there and and visit hospital when needed.
  6. If husband is not available on the desired date kindly inform before and his sperm shall be frozen in the laboratory.

Bed Rest –

We do not recommend complete bed rest after embryo transfer . Patient can do light activities for 3 days after transfer and resume all her daily chores thereon .

Diet/Lifestyle Modification –

No specific diet or lifestyle changes are required during the procedure.
Vegeterian / nonvegeterian any specific diet does not have any bearing on treatment.
There is no need to come to the hospital for administering injections.
You may take them anywhere as per your convenience.
Just make sure you know the exact method of administering injections since most doctors are unaware of the exact technique .


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