Stem Cell Research

Patki hospital is pioneer in Stem Cell Research across the glob. Stem cell are very basic cell having potential to differentiate in to any other types of cells of the body. Dr.Satish Patki in collaboration with Dr.Ramesh Bhonde from Gov. of India has isolated stem cells from endometrium and human milk for the first time in the world literature.

Special institutional ethics committee and institutional stem cell research and therapy commities are functioning as per guidelines of I.C.M.R and DBT.

Various trials registered as per I.C.M.R. guidelines for use of stem cells in the treatment of gynecological disorders like pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), Infertility, IVF and Neonatal disorders.

Presently encouraging results are obtained. Dr. Patki has 4 International publications in Peer Review Journals. Dr. Patki has already applied for patent in the field at National and International lavels.


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